Community members have been actively researching the concerns associated with Phillip 66’s increased use of its refinery and marine dock to import toxic crudes oils like tar sands from Canada. Here are the resources you need to understand why the Phillips 66 expansion is a bad deal for nearby residents and the entire San Francisco Bay.

Communities for a Better Environment factsheet on pollution from the Phillips 66 refinery

Communities for a Better Environment town hall presentation with background on Phillips 66’s expansion project

Sunflower Alliance primer on Phillips 66’s expansion project

This illustrated 16-page primer summarizes the environmental and climate impacts of the Bay Area’s five oil refineries, four in Contra Costa and one in Solano County. It tells the story of the struggle to stop the Bay Area from becoming a major outlet for the extra-polluting oil from Canadian tar sands—a struggle that has been going on for almost ten years. And it explains the role of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District—charged with controlling air pollution, but often reluctant to challenge the power of the oil industry.

350 Bay Area town hall presentation

NAACP presentation on how fossil fuel companies manipulate front line communities