Formed in 2019, our coalition is determined to prevent the expansion of the Phillips 66 refinery and marine terminal in Rodeo that would allow it to import toxic crude oils like tar sands from Canada. We’re going to keep turning people out in force at critical decision points with phone calls, emails, and conversations at people’s doors to ensure regulators and politicians do the right thing and block this project.

We will NOT allow our community to be poisoned any more than it already has been by increasing the amount of tar sands refined in our communities.

“Our community knows refinery expansions are a dead end. We need our public officials like the Contra Costa County supervisors to stand with us in preventing new pollution sources from harming our health, and supporting real solutions like a just transition for refinery workers and local economic development that protects air and water quality.”
— Isabella Zizi,

Phillips 66’s reckless plans to increase tanker deliveries to its wharf and refine tar sands at its Rodeo refinery are opposed by tens of thousands of Bay Area residents. These plans endanger our neighbors living near that refinery and the entire San Francisco Bay, and they worsen an already severe climate crisis. People power stopped an oil terminal in Pittsburg, and oil train projects in Benicia and San Luis Obispo. We won’t rest until Phillips 66’s tar sands proposals are dead in the water.
— Shoshana Wechsler, Sunflower Alliance

“The refinery’s latest plan to expand dilbit imports, cracking of that bitumen, and recovery of those diluent oils threatens to lock in a worst-case future for our climate, air, health, safety, and Bay. People have a right to know about this unnecessary threat.”
— Greg Karras, Communities for a Better Environment

“The small towns of Rodeo and nearby Crockett are “ground zero” for tar sands processing in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it’s not just us who will be affected. Sounds from increased tanker traffic will negatively impact the already stressed Orca whale population and hasten its long-term slide to extinction. Equally important is the plight of the Indigenous communities of Alberta, Canada whose waterways and lands have been devastated by tar sands mining. It is our sincere hope that the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors stand in solidarity with the people they are tasked to serve and do what’s right for the West Coast.”
— Nancy Rieser, Crockett-Rodeo United Defend the Environment

“Rodeo Citizens and our neighbors throughout Contra Costa County have been overwhelmed with toxic chemical releases from this refinery. The asthma rate in Contra Coast County school children is higher than surrounding areas, as is the cancer rate when compared to the national average.””
— Janet Pygeorge, Rodeo Citizens Association