We are a coalition of people and groups from all walks of life working to protect the Bay and our communities from tar sands crude oil.


Oil giant Phillips 66 wants to dramatically expand its San Francisco Bay marine terminal and refinery so it can process more toxic tar sands crude oil from Canada.

Tar sands is one of the dirtiest crude oils in the world, and beyond air quality concerns, even a single spill would be disastrous for communities that call the Bay home—or any community along the shipment route that begins in Northern Canada.

If Phillips 66 succeeds, it would threaten worker safety, degrade our climate, and worsen the quality of life for everyone living in the shadow of the Phillips 66 refinery.

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Tar sands crude oil harms our air, water, climate, and indigenous and frontline communities. We respectfully urge you to reject Phillips 66’s refinery expansion that would double the number of tankers delivering to their refinery and allow them to process tar sands.
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